Reading and studying the Bible helps you build a strong faith in christ, learning and implementing its meaning in our lives helps us alleviate problems, adversities, and temptation that may come to us.


Here, we discuss the best books in the Bible to study, these books are books you can start wit , these books are also book in the bible for encouragement and guidance.

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They serve a lot of purpose to the Christian faith. Read them, understand them and learn lessons that will impact your life.


The book of psalm is one of the important book of the bible to read for Christian faithfuls. It contains poems of praise and worship glorifying the almighty God. It’s chapters contain pages that contain words of praise and worship glorifying God in the most beautiful of ways.

The power of God and importance of serving God is very much emphasised in this book of the bible. It reminds the servant of the power of God’s love for mankind in a way that’s never heard of before.


The book of proverbs is also one of the best books in the Bible to study for a devoted Christian. The book is a group of wise sayings and words that have been in existence since ancient times.

It contains wise words that helps a servant of God draw close to God, likewise it increases a believer in the knowledge of God. It emphasises the importance of God in one’s life, the fear of God is one area that is well stressed upon in proverbs. Proverbs 1:1 reveals that Solomon the son of David is the author of proverbs.

The book of proverbs is one important part of the bible that is good for study by a student of knowledge.

The book of proverb lays much emphasise on wisdom and the application of it in one’s life.

Wisdom as it is said is the attitude which puts God in the fore front of whatever issue or situation that mankind finds himself. Indeed the application of wisdom in what one does rules over everything.

It tells us how to live rightly, justly and spiritually abiding by the rules of God in every situation. There is a saying that “the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom”, such is the importance of wisdom in a Christians life.

The book of proverbs provides vital key principles for those who want to live a righteous and fruitful life.


The book of Ecclesiastes as ascribed to Solomon the son of David is a book that draws nearness to God in every situation.

Here we find a word ” Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.

For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil” represents everything that the book of Ecclesiastes has brought with it.

A book filled with so much wisdom and wise saying that leads to the path of God. It is no wonder that it is one of the vital parts of the old testament in the bible.

Fear God and keep to his commandments is one of the wisest sayings that has ever been heard before. These line of words is the pillar upon which Christianity is built upon, so this states why ecclesiastes is a book that should be studied indepthly, making sure to understand it’s deep meanings.

This books stresses on the vanity and emptiness present in the world. It stresses on a life full of vanity without God. The book opens ones mind on how it is important to place God before everything, how the enjoyments of this world should come only after the obedience of God.


The letter of romans represents the clear the picture of the Christine doctrine in the scriptures. The book of romance highlights the sinfulness of man, that man swallows I sinful acts that distances him from Gods glory.

The whole of mankind has mankind has been condemned due to their sinfulness, this the book of romans highlights.

But But doesn’t stop there, the book book romance also make known to us the redemption, salvation and transformation mankind will enjoy when he allows Christ into his life.

The blood of Jesus has been sacrificed to redeem man from all sins. However keeping to the word of God doesn’t stop there, as Paul also highlights the need to be steadfast in getting closer to God.

The importance of romans in the bible can be seen from all these key things that Paul has highlighted in the book of romans.


Also one of the best books to study in the bible is the book of jobs.

The book of Job talks about the importance of belief in God. Job faced a lot of trials and adversity while also seeking Gods face. He never for once looked back and regretted devoting his life to God. God is aware of all our trials and sufferings, he watches and test us in order to know who is the most steadfast in worshipping him.

He has never for once left us on our own as we would like to think.

Another lesson from the book of job is that it also highlights that servants of God can still face severe trials from God, though they are servants of God.

This This teach us a lot of lessons. Mankind always want things his own way, but little did we understand that whatever happens to us does happen for our own good.

God never inflicts us with trials except that it has a good that it brings to us.


The book of James focuses on the need to walk the talk when it comes to upholding to the path of God. It stresses on putting on th act that is expected from someone following the doctrines of Christ.

Being a Christian does not entails believing only in christ, it also has to be shown in action, expressed in speeches and actions. If one is only a hearer to the laws of God, and not an adherer to the law, then it is of no use believing and having faith.

Faith in itself means believing and acting upon what one believes in. Your faith shows in your deeds, so how do I know your faith when it doesn’t reflect in your actions.

If there are no deeds or good works that come as a result of faith, then that is not real faith. If you believe in God, James says so what! You’ve just qualified to be a demon because even they believe in God and shudder with fear (James 2:19).


Colossians is also one of the best books in the bible to study.
The study of christ in its complete form is well explained in the book of Colossians. In it, paul explains the divine message jesus came with.

In the book of colossians, paul wrote about jesus as the image that portrays the love of God for mankind, that he has thepower and dominion over all things, he is thr king of all kings on earth, the creator of the universe. And that he never leaves watch of the world for a second, his vision encompasses all things.

Apart from portraying the supremacy of God to us, the book of colossians also teaches us how to live rightly as followers of christ.

When you accept christ, you do away with all earthly things, sins, immorality, evil desires are things that are unwanted in a christians life. Col 3:12-13 also emphasises on the need to forgive each other as christ has forgiven each and everyone of mankind.


The book of John, among best books in the bible to study is another book that increases awareness in the belief in God, it also also helps to elevate the faith of mankind in God.

This book passes so many message, addressind the followers of christ, but the gospel of john also seem to be addressing the unbelievers alike, that is it is universal.

The message of the gospel of john creates awareness on the reason Jesus Christ was sent to the earth by God, the truth behind the coming of Jesus, the truth about the message he came with.

In summary, the gospel of John helps you learn a lot about Jesus Christ and his love for you.

9. 1 Peter

The book of Peter helps a Christian to strengthen his faith barring all situations he finds himself. There are people spread across the world that are facing various persecution and torments in their lives, the world is now filled with evil and violence, the book of Peter seven as an encouragement to hold on to the path of christ and never turn away.


The book of joshua was written for the generations later, as a reminder of how they came to exist.

It portrays God as being the promise keeper and stresses on the importance of having faith in christ. God kept his promise to the house of isreal, defending protecting, and guiding them all through various adversities they were faced with.


In summary all these are key and vital to christ followers, however every aspect of the holy bible is also important for building a strong foundation of faith in you, none of it should be left aside.

Now we have known some of the best books to study in the bible, that will aid you a lot in your faith.

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