Dr. Godwin maduka networth – a philanthropist, a doctor, that is well known across Nigeria and probably one of the richest doctors in the USA.

If you don’t know him yet, then you have to wait to see in this article as I will be discussing all things concerning Dr Godwin maduka net worth, marital life, academic struggle and everything you need to know about him.


Lets take you on a ride of what you have to know about doctor godwin maduka networth, his biography, wife, and achievements.


Dr Godwin maduka who is 56 years old hails from umuchukwu, Orumba South Local Government Area of Anambra state in the south eastern part of Nigeria.

His role to success has inspired so many people in Nigeria and beyond. His achievements in Nigeria and beyond speaks so many things about who Dr Godwin maduka is.

Growing up from a poor home, he has rose to become one of the richest doctors in nigeria barring all circumstances that has come his way.


He hails from umuchukwu in , a community that has benefitted a lot from the various programs he has established in the community. He has told how his childhood days were very interesting and filled with fun, as it is with every average Nigerian child, there is always no boring moments.

Being raised in a community that thrives on agriculture, his mother was a farmer and petty trader, while his father a native doctor.

He admitted that his parents gave their all to ensure that he and his siblings get good education. And that has been one of the driving force to his success.

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As the son of a traditional figure in his community, he participated in various traditional occasions being held in his hometown during his childhood days.

He narrate how he joined the masquerade, dancing to talking drums and other various traditional activities.

However things were never easy for his parents he admits. As child living in an agrigarian community, his parents had to struggle to get enough money to fend for him and his siblings.

At some point he admits, he had to engage in some little agricultural activities to assist in paying his fees for himself and siblings. All these never deterref him in achieving his goals. Rather he drew strength from these setbacks and that has helped him reach his goals.


His education was another area where he faced so many hurdles, but being the person he is, he never lost faith in himself. He traveled to the USA to study chemistry at Rust colledge. On completing his program, he graduated after being awarded a degree.

The journey never ended thereas he headed go mercy university pharmacy school where he was awarded a doctorate degree in pharmacy.

The journey continues as he heads to the university of Tennessee medical school to study medicine where he earned himself a degree in medicine.

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He later opted to study anesthesiology as he has gained adequate knowledge in the area of medicine, pharmacy and chemistry. During this period he opted to apply for a graduate medical training at Harvard University School of Medicine in Boston Massachusetts inorder to gain adequate knowledge on the field anesthesiology.

Barring all hurdles and setbacks, he graduated from the institution and finally became an anesthesiologist.

In a little short period of time, he established the Las Vegas Pain Institute and Medical Center, which has grown from its smallest as one of the reknowned of its kind.


Dr godwin maduka is married to Stella – a woman which he admits has been a propeller to his success. They are married with five children.

He admits that during times after his graduation at Harvard school, his wife stood by him and supported him in all situations. How she always assisted in any way she can including when he needed funds to begun his medical practice, she was there assisting in all possible ways. Apart from being his wife, she is also an educated woman who has been blessed.


Dr godwin maduka net worth has not been yet known, but what is very much known is that he own a lot of properties one of which is the seven residential properties he bought in Nevada for more than $7 million, he also spent $4 million on the buildings that houses the Las Vegas Pain Institute, where he has employed more than 80 employees.


He has earned the name “A philathropist” for himself as he has touched many peoples live with the program and assistance he has been rendering to his people and beyond.

So many lives has been touched with the programs he has carried out in his community.

He says: “I am living the American dream and I’m doing all I can through philanthropy to help the people where I came from living a better life. It is so small that most everybody there is either related by blood or marriage,” Dr. Godwin Maduka.

He has touched the lives of widows in his community by building hundreds of houses for them.

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He has also built a state high court, civic center, primary and secondary schools, police station, churches, halls, palace, medical centers, and granted scholarship awards to students in his community.


We have been able to share with you vital information on doctor godwin maduka net worth, wife . Indeed he is a great man and has touched so many lives with his accomplishment. Share this article if you love it.


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  1. Indeed you are a man of integrity

  2. Ifeanyi John nwele

    Kudos to the writer cum reporter, but I must not fail to reiterate the scantiness of the compositions as regards Dr. Maduka’s never seen before act of philanthropy. He honestly did more than here said. I am a first hand informant and rightly an indigene of the aforementioned great Umuchukwu community. I am Nwele John Ifeanyi, currently a student of the University of Calabar, courtesy of Dr. Maduka. His philanthropy is superhuman and worthy of emulation. There are so so many of us students under his altruistic and nation building scholarship scheme. He visits hospitals around our neighbourhood and beyond whenever he visits home to pay the hospital bills of the poor patients to get them treated and discharged freely. He built more than 157 houses for widows and the homeless both within Umuchukwu and beyond. He has donated a giant hospital, and a school to the catholic church, built a worship centres for the catholicfaithfuls, the Anglican faithfuls, and the AOG church. He shares food stuff at every festive moment to the people of his community.
    To the Anambra government he has donated so much, including;a high court, police station, SARS barracks, police barracks, magistrate court, an upstair primary school building, and judges residential quarters among others.
    Dr Godwin is simply a rare super human who has shown us what altruism looks like. As my mentor in the medical corridors, I have decided to follow this seldom footstep of his. He is simply spectacular and interesting to be with. So humble a gem that people begin to wonder if he was actually the Godwin they have read about when they behold his physical presence.

    There are more to tell the world about this rare gift God has given to us but for wants of time and space, let me add this above brief contribution to the already said.

    I am Nwele John Ifeanyi (IJN)

  3. How can i be linked with this great man,i will need his help greatly,i lacked almost every thing.

  4. Mohammad Abubakar

    Sir, you are indeed a great man some have and refuse to help the poor ones. May Almighty Allah continue to guide,protect,and lift you beyond, you have be and you Will always be. If we have somebody like you in every community, there will be comfort for people. My people of Anambra please hold with high esteem is good man to core.

  5. Engr John M Okeke

    I am a practising Biomedical Engineer and hold Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng)from the University of Nigeria,Nnsukka.I am trained further in Electronic Machines troubleshooting and repairs in Houston,Texas,USA.A native of Ogbunka in Orumba South.I reside in Lagos.I love what you are doing and I will like to be part of your team in hospital machines Supply, installations,Demonstration of usage and repairs.Phone number-08035063707

  6. Abdul Qudus Martins

    Dr. Maduka you are a Great inspiration to other Africans living abroad. Kudos to you Doc..& try your possible best to contact me my good friend. GOD BLESS US, IJMN AMEN.!

  7. I want to join the group

  8. Ikedinma Ezenwa

    Doc is really a great man. I come from a neighboring community (Ogbunka) Orumba south LGA Anambra state. And I can say that so far, we have never experienced such a fresh air. kudos to Dr. Maduka. we are following his foot steps.

  9. wow wow wow… congratulations doc. maduka…

  10. Kenneth ugochukwu Lemuwa

    Happy New year sir, you re indeed a blessing to Igbo land and humanity in general,may chukwu okike abiama continue to use you to help mankind.

  11. What a man of honour. I’m a living witness and beneficiary to his philanthropic gestures. He’s indeed a man of the people, for the people and to the people.

  12. OKOYE Okwuolisa

    He’s the next governor of our great state … He heading to government house Awka come 2021 by God’s grace …

  13. What a great man. I have taken my time to go through his achievements both the ones written here and the ones unwritten. Too many testimonies. He really needs to be lauded, commended and emulated. God bless him.



  15. Pastor Mrs Ifeoma Winifred Okolo

    I am from the neighbouring community Ogbunka. I am a witness to his numerous achievements infact he is a destiny helper we will be grateful if he eventually establishes the great hospital he promised. I pray that God will help him actualize his dreams in Jesus name Amen

  16. Ukamaka Ogbonna Raymond

    My Able Doc, May God continue to bless You and your family, You are indeed a great gift from God to our people, I am from Umunze, a married woman struggling to make life, remain blessed day by day. My contact number is 08140028321

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