Do you want to get some knowledge on some popular mosques in cairo “the city of thousands minarets” as it is called, then we will take you on a ride on that.

Mosques in cairo

Religion is an essential part of the Egyptian heritage and it forms largely much of its culture and laws. The people are predominantly muslims and that’s why mosques in egypt are spread all out, they also depict the architectural prowess of egypt.


Beautiful and elegant mosques are spread all over egypt that you can’t get the total of their figures. In article, we bring to you popular mosques in cairo, well conatructed, beautiful and elegant structures. We are gonna be talking about their histories and all you have to know about them.

1. Al-ghuri Mosque

An interesting mosque we have to note here is the Al ghuri mosque which was built by one of the mamluks called Sultan Qansuh al-Ghuri between the year 1503-1505. It is contained within the sultan al-ghuri complex.

The complex houses a masouleum, khanqah, mosque and madrasa. It has a big minaret that is considerably viewable due to its height.

The architects who is involved in the construction of the mosque is Tariq AlMurry.

2. Al ashraf Mosque

Another monumental and elegant structure here is the al ashraf mosque located in the city of Cairo.

It is also one of the mosques built during the mamluk era by the Burji Sultan Al-Ashraf Al-Barsbay .

It was completed in the year 1424 CE. The al ashraf mosque is contained within the large of sultan Al asharaf barsbay.

3. Mosque of Sultan Hassan

Another interesting mosque in Cairo that is worth knowing is the mosque of sultan Hassan.

The construction of the mosque began in 1356 CE and ended 1359 CE, commissioned by sultan an-Nasir Hasan.

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This mosque is known as one the most beautiful and biggest mosque in the world. It was built during the mamluk Islamic era in the 14th century. Asides being a mosque, it also serves as a school where the Sunni theology is been taught.

Its architectural structure is wonderful as it houses a masoleum, mosque-madrasa and sufi lodgings.

4. Sulayman Pasha Mosque

Suleiman pasha mosque is another mosque that is worth listing here. The mosque was completed in 1528 by Suleiman Pasha Al-Khadem. Also one of the first mosque in egypt built with the ottoman architectural style.

5. Mosque of muhammad Ali Pasha

A well built elegant mosque that lies in the city of cairo. This mosque is also known as the alabaster mosque. It was commissioned between the year 1830 and 1848.

The muhammad Ali mosque was built in the earlier part of the 19th century by muhammad Ali pasha. The mosque was built in memory of tushan pasha, muhammad alis eldest son who passed away in 1816.

Mohammed Ali mosque serve as on of the most visited tourist attraction in egypt because of its architectural design. Its 82 m (269 ft) twin minarets let’s you have a long range view of the city of cairo.

6. Sayeda Zaynab mosque

Another historical monument in egypt is the sayeda Zaynab mosque in cairo. One Of the biggest mosque in cairo.

It was built in honor of sayeda Zaynab bint Ali, one of the daughters of the fourth rightly guided caliph and cousin of the prophet Ali. History states that the mosque was built over sayeda Zaynab grave who was believed to have been deported to Egypt after the battle of karbala , she died nine months after she settled in egypt.

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So such a fact makes it one of the important and islamic heritage in egypt.

7. Al rifa’ i mosque

The al -rifa’i mosque, a ten thousand capacity mosque that lies opposite the sultan hassan mosque, it is also another popular mosque in cairo. It is said to have been built between 1869 and 1912 by an Egyptian engineer hussein fahmy pasha.

Al rifa’i tomb is located right inside the mosque. The architecture of the mosque was designed in line with the ottoman architectural style.

The construction of the mosque went through many phases as it was first abandoned after the death of the first architect who passed away during the first phase, it was later completed during the earlier part of the 20th century.

8. Al- Azhar mosque

Al-azhar mosque, yet another massive historical structure that lies in th city of cairo was built 970 CE. It is one of the oldest mosques in egypt.

It houses one of the oldest universities in the world. For a mosque that has existed over decades of centuries, it has undergone various stages of construction.

It has 3 minarets which were integrated to the mosque at different periods of its construction.

9. Mosque of ibn Tulun

One of the oldest mosques in Cairo ibn Tulun is the largest mosque in Cairo existing in its ancient form. The mosque was built 879 CE and commissioned by Ahmad ibn Tulun.

It is one of the largest mosques in Cairo considering its land area. It was built in Samarran style which is very much associated with the abbasid architectural style.

10. Mosque of Al-hakim Bi amr Allah

The mosque of al-hakim Bible amr Allah is also one of the popular mosques in cairo. Infact it serves as a tourist attraction as it is visited by both citizens and foreigners alike.

It also has beautiful minarets adorning it. It was built between 990 and 1012 by caliph aziz and completed by his son Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah (985–1021). It was named after the sixth fatimid caliph Al-hakim Bi amr Allah.


So in this article we have talked about the various popular mosques in cairo.

These mosques represent the rich Egyptian heritage. They serve as various tourist attractions in Egypt, visited by people. The listed mosques in cairo is still very much incomplete, we have listed them here putting into consideration their popularity and structures.

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